Nanoparticle Surface Treatment

In most instances, it is beneficial to mediate the interface between the nanoparticle surface and the application matrix in which the nanoparticles are to be utilized.

For example, for a naturally hydrophilic nanoparticle to be used effectively in nonpolar media such as cosmetic oils, the surface of the particle may need to be rendered hydrophobic for uniform dispersion, compatibility, and performance.

Nanophase employs both patented and proprietary particle coating technology to tailor the surface of the nanoparticles by discreetly encapsulating individual particles. This process can be used to impart a wide range of functionality to the particles which, in addition to helping to ensure success in the application, provides our customers with a great deal of flexibility in formulation with the nanoparticles.

Nanophase practices these surface treatment and coating processes on metric ton quantities and can provide the products in dry powder or pre-dispersed formats.