We Make NanoTechnology Work!®

Founded in 1989, Nanophase is a global provider of engineered nanomaterial solutions across a broad range of markets. As a world leader in nanomaterials, we help our customers succeed with proprietary and patent protected technologies that empower them to create innovative products. From high volume consumer products that are part of our daily lives to collaborating with customers to expand their competitive advantage and the markets they serve through the use of our materials, we are committed to creating the products you need.



Personal Care

Nano Zinc Oxide provides transparent protection from UVA and UVB rays for topically applied skin care products.


Surface Finishing

Optical glass, and components for data storage devices benefit from the remarkable surface finishes and low defectivity offered by nano metal oxide polishing slurries.


Energy Storage

Nano metal oxide technology improves the longevity and capacity of zinc anode based batteries.


Coating Technologies

Our nano and submicron Aluminum Oxide imparts scratch resistance to coatings for wood, laminates, packaging, graphic arts and electronics.


Solar Control

Nano metal oxides provide UV protection across plastics, exterior coatings, and textile applications, while infrared absorbing particles create high clarity, energy saving films and interlayers.


2014 Q4 Investor News

Nanophase Technologies shares business news from 2014 Q4. Year End 2014 Financial Conference Call is scheduled for Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. CST.

Metal Oxides
“Nanophase offers a novel product that helps us to improve our end product. They are really eager to work with you and are willing to tailor solutions to solve your manufacturing problems."

-Zach Hobbs, Sydor Optics