Nano Zinc Oxide | Inorganic UV absorberDegradation of plastic components through exposure to ultraviolet light is an ongoing concern, but with NanoArc® Zinc Oxide there is a new and permanent solution. Film, sheet or molded products often require UV Protection that may be critical to the long term performance of the substrate or items that the substrate protects.

Additionally, since NanoArc® Zinc Oxide is an inorganic absorber, it does not degrade over time like organic UV absorbers. The Nanophase products can also be surface treated through proprietary technology to ensure compatibility with a variety of polymer systems.

NanoArc® Antimony Tin Oxide is effective in the absorption of infrared rays for applications such as skylights. This Nano particle can be incorporated into film or sheet applications and provides IR Attenuation while allowing for a transparent final product.

For improved Scratch Resistance, NanoArc® Aluminum Oxide can be incorporated into polymer systems used in automotive, sheet and film applications. The nanoparticles provide light scratch resistance while maintaining excellent transparency.