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Product Specifications: Bismuth Oxide


NanoArc® Bismuth Oxide nanopowder, 100% crystalline, non-porous, non-agglomerated particles.

Mean Particle Size: 38 nm
Specific Surface Area: 18 m2/g

Typical Physical Properties

Chemical Formula: Bi2O3
Color: Bright yellow powder
True Density, g/cc: 8.9
Crystal Phase: Tetragonal
Morphology: Equi-axed, faceted
Purity: 99.5+%

Solvent Dispersions

Dispersions of NanoArc® Bismuth Oxide nanoparticles are available as concentrates (up to 50 wt%) in polar hydrocarbon solvents such as NMP (N-methylpryolidinone) and PMA (propylene glycol methyl ether acetate), nonpolar solvents such as mineral spirits, and protic solvents such as alkoxyethers.

The NanoArc® Bismuth Oxide dispersions feature surface treatment technologies designed specifically for the solvent class, and tailored to be compatible with a wide range of application formulations employing solvents in these classes.

In addition, custom dispersions of NanoArc® Bismuth Oxide can be provided for specific solvent types or application needs (e.g. non-volatile liquids, plasticizers, etc.).

Custom Dispersions

Nanophase metal oxide nanoparticles are available in a variety of concentrated dispersion forms, each featuring proprietary surface treatment technology to ensure complete dispersion to the primary particles and to prevent any aggregation upon incorporation into application systems.

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