Manufacturing Excellence

Nanophase’s Operations is a focused, integrated organization of talented, seasoned professionals in manufacturing, production control, purchasing, and process and advanced engineering. Dedicated to manufacturing excellence, Nanophase employs leading high-technology operational techniques to achieve performance excellence.

This dedication to excellence is evident in the manner the Company manages technology transition from the laboratory into commercial production; manages its supply chain; utilizes performance improvement teams to consistently improve performance and reduce cost; and manage its processes toward six-sigma control.

Nanophase’s facilities are designed for flexibility and growth and to maintain concise product/process flow. Nanophase’s capabilities include the agility to scale up processes from the pilot scale to metric tons quickly without decrease in product quality. There is ample room for expansion and fundamental infrastructure exists for further growth.

Nanophase designs and operates processes that meet the stringent process and product requirements of the GMP and semiconductor industries. Advanced real time process control systems and highly trained operators with the support of dedicated process engineers assure consistent product quality and on time delivery.