Dispersion Technology

Nanophase has developed dispersed product formats for all of its nanocrystalline metal oxides. These concentrated dispersions are manufactured using a variety of polar and non-polar organic solvents, water, and monomers as the continuous phase.

The proprietary chemistry and process technology used to prepare these dispersions ensures that our customers receive ready-to-use products in which the nanoparticles are stabilized at their primary particle size, with no secondary structure or agglomeration. Additionally, the dispersed product format allows Nanophase to customize a product to meet a customer’s performance requirements by controlling the particle size distribution, ensuring compatibility with the customer’s formulation, or including beneficial additives to control pH or rheology, for example.

Finally, the dispersed products are convenient and safe to use, since all powder handling considerations are removed.

Nanophase manufactures liquid dispersions in sizes ranging from pails to drums to tote containers, and our sophisticated Quality infrastructure ensures that these products are made consistently and uniformly, whether they are intended for semiconductor wafer polishing or as additives for paints and coatings.