Occupational Safety

occupationalsafety.jpgAt Nanophase, we are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, a safe and effective product to our customers, and to being a responsible corporate citizen by protecting the environment.

Nanophase facilities practice all applicable OSHA rules and regulations established for general industry. OSHA requirements along with prudent industry practices are integrated into a single Environmental Health & Safety and Quality Management System, which helps streamline workflow and provide greater focus.

Through frequent training and promoting safety awareness, Nanophase minimizes or eliminates workplace incidents and injuries. Activities are continually measured by recording loss time accidents and near misses resulting in an extremely safe workplace.

Nanophase Safety Record

  • 1,000,000+ Total Man hours without a Loss time Accident
  • Chemical Exposures at Workplace = 10-1000X lower than the OSHA PEL in most situations