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Nano Zinc Oxide for SunscreensNano Zinc Oxide is highly effective in protecting against both UVA and UVB radiation, providing full spectrum UV Protection. UV rays are part of the non-visible portion of sunlight and are split into two categories based on their wavelengths. The longer wavelength UVA spans from 320 to 400 nanometers, and the shorter wavelength UVB spans from 280 to 320 nanometers.

UVA is mainly responsible for skin tanning, but also penetrates deep into the skin causing damage associated with skin wrinkles as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer. The effects of UVB can cause skin inflammation in a short exposure time known as erythema, which is commonly referred to as a sun burn.

Historically, zinc oxide has been used on a limited basis in Personal Care applications because of it’s thick, white pasty appearance. By reducing the zinc oxide to Nano size, it becomes inherently “transparent” when applied to the skin but maintains it’s ability to effectively block UVA and UVB radiation.

This innovation has allowed NanoArc® Zinc Oxide to be incorporated into any topically applied sun protection product with virtually no whitening effect. Examples include beach and sport sunscreens, children’s sun protection products and daily wear such as moisturizers and color cosmetics.

Nanophase manufactures NanoArc® Zinc Oxide under cGMP conditions since it is an approved FDA Category I over the counter sunscreen ingredient in the United States.

We are proud of our worldwide exclusive relationship with BASF who markets this product on a global basis. BASF offers a coated and uncoated zinc oxide under the Z-COTE brand name.