Personal Care

Nano Zinc Oxide is highly effective in protecting against both UVA and UVB radiation, providing full spectrum UV Protection. Reducing zinc oxide to nano size, it becomes inherently “transparent” when applied to the skin but maintains its ability to effectively block UVA and UVB radiation. This innovation has allowed NanoArc® Zinc Oxide to be incorporated into any topically applied sun protection product with virtually no whitening effect.
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Nano metal oxides can be used in Lithium-Ion cells as stability enhancing additives in high voltage cathodes, ceramic doped membranes, exterior coatings on separators, precursors to synthesis of cathode material, and components of the hermetic seals.
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Integrated Circuit / Data Storage

High-tech electronics demand products that optimize performance. For years, Nanophase has supplied innovative products that achieve superior results and allow our customers to develop next generation electronics technology.
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Optical Surface Polishing

Consistency is vital to glass surface polishing for lenses and other components in the optics and photonics industry. Nanophase’s proprietary plasma process produces polishing slurries that achieve consistent, exacting results. Slurry longevity, faster time to surface finish, reduced defectivity, and reduced waste save our customers time and money across a variety of optical polishing applications.
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Scratch Resistant Coatings

Formulated into radiation cured or water-based OPVs, NanoArc® aluminum oxide dispersions provide mar and scratch resistance for thin, transparent overprint varnishes. Functioning differently than conventional additives, NanoArc® aluminum oxide dispersions are active at low loading levels and do not adversely effect gloss. Since they do not migrate to the interfaces, they provide long-term scratch resistance without negatively impacting slip or coefficient of friction.
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Enhanced UV protection for outdoor and food applications.
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Exterior Coatings

UV radiation is known to contribute to the chemical modification of exposed coating surfaces, resulting in loss of gloss, color change, chalking, and eventually, destruction of the film. NanoArc® Zinc Oxide Dispersions provide superior performance, beyond conventional UV Absorbers for exterior coatings, due to their broad absorption spectrum and long-term stability. In addition to long-term gloss retention and color fastness, NanoArc® Zinc Oxide may also help improve tannin and stain blocking and provide improved coating durability with limited effect on transparency.
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Graphic Arts

Scratch and mar resistance in radiation curable over print varnishes, with no effect on slip or coefficient of friction. Addition of NanoArc® aluminum oxide dispersions to OPVs, protects the inks plus adds functionality to magazines, packaging, and other printed materials.
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Reliable and enduring UV sun protection for fabrics.
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