Optical Surface Polishing

Nanophase optical surface polishing slurries offer more consistent polishing than other commercially available slurries. Our proprietary plasma process produces highly dense and fully stable nanoparticles that don't break down during polishing. Not only do they produce the same results each time they are used, but the slurry does not need to be topped off as is required with most commercial slurries.

Nanophase Cerium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide improve upon the fundamental performance requirements of optical surface polishing slurries across the board: improved flatness and roughness, faster time to surface finish and improved surface quality. In addition, the use of Nanophase slurries leads to reduced waste and defectivity and improvies ROI no matter what material you are polishing.

Our slurries will also expand your capabilities, allowing you to meet more rigorous specs in an increasingly demanding industry.

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“The support from Nanophase has been phenomenal. Their assembled team of engineers and sales representatives is attentive, knowledgeable, and willing to help me overcome any issues related to my polishing process.”

-Bob Henderson, Edmund Optics

Our cutting edge Optical Polishing Application Development and Customer Support Lab ensures that we provide the precise particle distribution necessary, while monitoring the process-related factors that impact the performance of our Cerium Oxide slurry.

Nanophase cerium oxide slurries maintain high production over extended polishing cycles while many powder products see a significant drop off in rate.

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