UV Protection

Tansparent UV Protection with Nano Zinc Oxide | Nano CeriaThe incorporation of NanoArc® Zinc Oxide or NanoArc® Cerium Oxide nanoparticles into surface coatings, polymer composites, sunscreens or clothing provides long-term protection from harmful UV radiation in harsh environments.

This is accomplished without significantly impacting the optical clarity, gloss, color or other desirable physical properties of the article being protected.

Additionally, NanoArc® Zinc Oxide or NanoArc® Cerium Oxide can withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions during processing without being deactivated.

This level of protection has remained a long-standing challenge in a variety of markets, including Personal CareExterior CoatingsPlasticsAutomotive and Textiles.

NanoArc® Zinc Oxide and NanoArc® Cerium Oxide deliver highly stable, long-term, non-leaching, broad spectrum UV protection very cost effectively relative to other nanoparticles and conventional organic UV absorbers.