Our proprietary Cerium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide particles, dispersion chemistry and polishing laboratory help you meet emerging opportunities by enabling you to achieve improved surface finish quality in the optical polishing process, including exceptionally low roughness values. Nanophase’s capabilities also span high hardness sapphire wafers, the subangstrom requirements of EUV, and infrared transparent materials, helping you offer the most value to your potential customers.


If you need a new process or polishing slurry in order to grow your optical polishing business, we’ll help you develop it. Our cutting edge Polishing Applications Development and Customer Support Lab includes:

• PR-1 Doublesided Polisher 
• Zygo NewView 8300 Profilometer 
• Zygo 4” VeriFire Interferometer 
• X-ray Fluorescence for Composition Analysis 
• DLS and Laser Light Scattering Particle Size Analysis
• Ultrasonic Cleaning Capability 
• Lapmaster Tabletop Polisher

Nanophase is a Proud Member of APOMA
American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association