IR Attenuation

Nano ATO | IR Attenuation for Exterior Coatings, Automotive and Plastics

The incorporation of NanoArc® Antimony Tin Oxide into surface coatings can provide effective management of radiant heat without significantly impacting the optical clarity or other desirable physical properties of the article on which it is applied.

NanoArc® Antimony Tin Oxide provides this benefit by absorbing energy in the near infrared region and reflecting energy at longer infrared wavelengths, while maintaining excellent transparency in the visible region.

Low emissivity coatings incorporating NanoArc® Antimony Tin Oxide particles can significantly improve energy efficiency in our Exterior Coatings, Automotive and Plastic markets. Attenuating infrared energy from the sun or other sources allows cooler temperatures to be maintained during summer months and control of heat loss during winter months.