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Metal Oxides

Scratch Resistant Coatings

Nano Aluminum Oxide | Transparent Scratch Resistant CoatingsFor many years, large micron size Aluminum Oxide has been added to coatings to improve scratch and abrasion resistance in hard surfaces like vinyl and hardwood flooring, decorative laminates, and furniture.

However, when these applications require higher gloss and improved transparency, the larger size is detrimental and cannot be used.

NanoArc® Aluminum Oxide can be added back into these coatings to provide Scratch Resistance without negatively impacting transparency or gloss. This improves all types of hard surfaces from light wear and greatly benefits the cosmetic appearance.

Wood Coatings and Laminates

NanoArc® Aluminum Oxide provides the next level of performance for scratch and wear resistance. Incorporation of NanoArc® Aluminum Oxide is a cost-effective method for improving resistance to scuffing, marring, rub-off, light scratching, and other damage to film surfaces.

Electronic Coatings

Improving scratch and mar resistance in thin transparent radiation cured coatings is an ongoing challenge. Addition of NanoArc® Aluminum Oxide, even at low concentrations, improves gloss retention, without degrading the appearance of the coating, reduction of gloss, or effect on mechanical properties.