Nanophase Receives Patent for High-Performance Battery Technology

Romeoville, IL (February 8, 2016) – Nanophase Technologies Corporation, a global provider of engineered nanomaterial solutions, announced today that it has been granted a patent for a new bismuth oxide battery technology. The technology will allow partners to meet battery performance requirements at a lower cost.

Nanophase Bismuth Oxide battery technology offers two main performance benefits over existing offerings:

  • Superior gas suppression performance – at least 10X reduction over indium hydroxide
  • Improved alkaline battery capacity – 15 percent in continuous discharge at 1 amp; 18-23 percent in intermittent discharge at 250 mA

These improvements will afford Nanophase’s partners the ability to reduce battery cost while maintaining performance or increasing battery performance without increasing cost. For example, companies can see a 16% increase in battery capacity by using Nanophase Bismuth Oxide to reduce zinc levels.

In the coming months, Nanophase will work with partners to test and commercialize new batteries using the patented technology. The company has already done extensive testing in its in-house labs to study bismuth oxide incorporation into primary alkaline batteries.

Compared to other commercially available bismuth oxide particles, Nanophase’s patented plasma process for nanoparticle fabrication produces bismuth oxide particles with a unique shape, smaller size, and greater surface area per gram.